Turning Blue to Blue by Kartika R. Anderson

Turning Blue to Blue pic

Kartika R. Anderson gives us a look at her journey through depression. She starts with admitting she had a mental illness, which initially was not noticeable.

Ms. Anderson is one of twelve million women who are diagnosed with clinical depression who sought care.

She shares with us the situations dealt with while in a state of depression. Learning signs and symptoms of depression is essential to receive the proper guidance and care for your mental health. Depression will affect your physical health as well.

Ms. Anderson speaks candidly of her inner anger that had never been outwardly expressed. She kept everything within causing part of the damaging depression state of mind.

Once Kartika recognized her situation, she shares how counseling, medication, drawing, and growing closer to God, brought her back to the person she once knew, herself.

Kartika R. Anderson beautifully expresses her experiences dealing with depression. She gives you a look at all that was affected by this illness, which included her family (lost custody of her children), friends, and co-workers.

I enjoyed Ms. Anderson’s story, and I recommend this book to persons looking for personal in-depth looks at depression. Ms. Anderson gives just that, up close and ever so personal.


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