Songs That I Whisper by Regina Puckett

Songs That I Whisper

Seth Black and Suzette Warren have something in common. They like each other, but neither wants to be the aggressor.Both have some rough spots in their past, and refuse to go backwards.

For Seth, he had a famous father whose footsteps he is following, minus the alcohol and drugs. For Suzette, she has been in enough failed relationships.

Seth, a country singer, has asked Suzette, an artist and gallery owner, to paint his portrait for an upcoming album. Suzette agrees and goes with Seth on a two-week tour, to gather more information about him. They form a friendship that quickly becomes more.

Seth begins receiving notes that indicate he has a brother. The last note he receives asks him for a meeting. Suzette begs him not to go alone, but he does. Seth is attacked and the police question him about the meeting. No one believes he was in a parking garage to meet his so-called brother, but rather believing he was there to buy drugs.

Seth not wanting Suzette to be harmed in any way stops their relationship dead in their tracks. Seth and the police want to know the reason for the attack. Why would someone claiming to be his brother want to hurt Seth? They find the attacker, and you will not believe whom it turns out to be.

Regina Puckett has written a wonderful love story that is not a bed of roses. Seth and Suzette both have issues that hold them back from loving anyone openly. I would have liked to see how their relationship fully developed. Maybe there will be a sequel, who knows. I recommend this novel to those who like short novels about love stories.


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