Lust, Money & Murder by Mike Wells

book 1
Patrick Brogan, a construction worker, is married to Kate and have a daughter, Elaine. Patrick adores his little angel until

at the age of seven, Patrick catches Elaine and her friend smoking. He decides to send her to a boarding school to get her out of their bad neighborhood.

Elaine at the age of 16, while at the boarding school decides she wants to join a modeling agency. After paying over two thousand dollars for modeling courses, she still has not been called for a job. Elaine confronts the owner, Ronald Eskew, and he promptly refunds her money. Elaine unknowingly, gives counterfeit money to her father Patrick, and he deposits it into the bank. After he is arrested for a felony, he commits suicide in jail. Elaine vows revenge on Ronald Eskew for her father’s death.

As part of her plan, Elaine studies to become a Secret Service Agent to catch Ronald Eskew. Not only does she discover information on Eskew, she is assigned to an office in Bulgaria. There she meets Nick LaGrange, her boss, to whom she is attracted. Once they become more than friends, she is contacted by the Washington, D.C. office for a special assignment. They want her skilled detection eyes for a counterfeit bills operation. With this prize assignment thrown in her direction, Elaine’s world is turned upside down when she learns the reason for this offer. THE END……..of Book 1.

Mike Wells has written a very exciting novel that is “unputdownable.” I literally had to force myself to stop reading in order to eat. The characters are likeable, the story line moves fast, and is an easy read. I will definitely read the second and third books of this series. I recommend this series set to anyone who likes intrigue, money, and love.

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