Yummy Supper by Erin Scott, Rodale, Inc

Yummy Supper cover
Erin Scott was diagnosed with celiac disease, and months later her two children were diagnosed with gluten intolerance “What could we eat?”

In 2010, Erin and her husband, and their two children spent a year traveling the globe. They visited Bali, New Zealand, Australia and Istanbul. There they learned different cultural traditions of cooking. All of these lessons were transformed into recipes of this cookbook. Even though Erin is not a chef or dietician, she shares her recipes and commitment to a more healthy eating lifestyle.

Erin gives advice on stocking a gluten-free pantry. In reading, I learned there are more varieties of salts I can try in my own recipes. She has sectioned her book with these unique titles: slurp, egg, veg, sea, butcher shop, grain & seed, nut, fruit, kid favorites, and odds & ends.

As usual, I have hand picked my favorites, watermelon punch with fresh lime and mint. Next on my list is bourbon braised short ribs with brown sugar and coffee (I am a true coffee lover). For dessert, I would try the black rice pudding inspired by their Bali adventure. The recipe for quinoa tabbouleh looks simply delicious.

Erin Scott delivers a cookbook with tasty recipes and great looking photographs. The photos make you want to eat from the page. I recommend this book to home cooks who enjoy making cultural dishes. In addition, this would be great as a gifting opportunity.

I received this book free from Rodale, Inc. through the Net Galley Review Program, for an unbiased honest review.


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