A Cause to be Thankful by Yolanda Shanks

A Cause to Be Thankful
Being thankful is a definite cause. In this study

guide you learn the meaning and importance of thankfulness. Ms. Shanks encourages thankfulness as an avenue to bring one closer to God.

Ms. Shanks refers to the Bible and the story of the ten lepers (Leviticus 13:1-46; 12:47-49; 14:33-57). These three passages references are use for study starting Chapter 3 of this seven chapter book.

Good points are made regarding the the lepers. One aspect points toward the isolation lepers were subjected to, and is compared to her life experience as a pregnant teen. She was sent to a Catholic girls’ facility to live and receive her education. The other point, only one of the ten lepers return giving thanks to the Lord for his healing.

Chapters begin with a personal testimony, continue with Biblical references, instructional guidance, and ends with prayer.

There is also mention of attempted suicide from her previous book, Destined to Live, Despite Me-Biblical Truths for Suicide Survivors.

Being a study guide, I felt there was too much personal testimony and reference to her previous book. This could have been replaced with additional study references. The Biblical references were helpful and easy to follow. I recommend this book for a defined Bible study group, along with her previous book for a more complete understanding of the references made to the attempted suicide.

I received this book free from Believer’s Press Publishing through the Book Crash Review Program for a honest unbiased review.

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