Searching for Perfect by Jennifer Probst

Searching for Perfect
Kennedy Ashe is social director of Kinnections,

a matchmaking service. Growing up, she was always ridiculed because of being overweight. Even though she believes there is someone for everyone, she does not trust anyone near her heart.

After spending his thirty-second birthday alone, Nathan Dunkle decides it is time for a love connection. In everybody eyes, he has always been a nerd but wants to be married and have children in his life. He signs up with Kinnections and does not quite make the cut. Nathan is an aerospace engineer with no social skills, especially when it comes to women.

Kennedy discovers Nate’s brother, Connor, has taught him ‘the ropes’ regarding women. Connor feels there are too many women and very little time to conquer them all. Hence, Kennedy takes Nate under her wings and gives him a complete makeover; head to toe, while teaching him how to communicate with the opposite sex.

Now that Kennedy has completed her mission, she has to keep her feelings about Nate purely business. At the same time, Nate is constantly studying her every move to win her over. In addition, he has learned something about Kennedy nobody else knows; Kennedy is a nerd just like him.

I liked this novel because the story line is refreshing. Sure, it is a predictable romance novel, but the way these two characters meet, Kennedy’s stubbornness and Nate’s nerdiness is just too cute. You will laugh because it is humorous. You will sigh because of the nerdiness. You will feel comforted because of the coming-of-age, so to speak, of Kennedy and Nate. I believe the make out session with Kennedy and Nate should have been edited to a few pages and not a whole chapter. However, I recommend this enjoyable fiction novel to romance and late afternoon readers.

I received this book free from Gallery Books through the Net Galley Reviewer Program for an honest and unbiased review.


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