Steppin’ Into the Good Life by Tia McCollors

Steppin Into the Good Life

Sheila Rushmore dated Scott Bowers, better known

as ‘Ace’, for three years. Today she is sitting in the back of the church as Ace marries his ex-wife. What happened? She cannot believe it is not she who walked down the aisle with Ace.

Just before the happy turns to face the crowd, Sheila with her teary eyes jumps up to leave. Her friend Constance is waiting outside to pick her up. Sheila is dropped off and walks into the bookstore, Eden’s Gates, not far from the church. There she finds solace and Eden, the owner, and immediately takes to the older woman who gives advice like a sage. Sheila begins to visit the bookstore frequently. Eden invites Sheila to Bible Study at her church. She is a little reluctant to go, but once the program starts, the tears freely flows.

With Sheila being on the singles scene once again, without a job, little money, having a car in much needed repair, and living with her crazed roommate Constance, she decides to reach out to ex-boss Clive for help. He helps Sheila, but wants be her ‘Sugar Daddy.’ Sheila is not having it, says no and tells him she will pay the money back.

Meanwhile, Sheila meets Reggie, Travis, and Lee. She is hoping one of the three will replace the love in her life since Ace re-married. She also has a problem with Cassandra’s boyfriend and his unwanted advances. Sheila has to handle her family problems as well. Since she has been going to church, she must work on herself first. Being the self-serving, Fashionista diva and materialistic woman that she is, Sheila turns to the only One who can really help her.

Tia McCollors Christian fiction novel deals with common situations in everyday life nicely. Everyone probably knows someone like the characters Sheila, roommate Cassandra, and Eden. The only piece missing was the back-story on Sheila and Ace’s relationship that led up to his re-marrying the ex-wife. The book could have been edited a little more, cut by a chapter or two. I recommend this book to readers who like Christian fiction novels.

I received this book free from Moody Publishers through the Moody Publishers Blogger Review Program for an honest and unbiased review.


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