The Quick Guide to Home Organizing by Sandra Felton

Quick Guide to Home Organizing pic
What you can learn from this book is

the different organizational styles:

The Planner- develops basic strategy with a master plan and calendar
The Delegator- appoints or hires other to help bear the load
The Lister- has weekly and daily lists for activities
The Vigilant- completes a task shortly after it presents itself
The Worker- puts in long hours, needs to remember to take a break
The Focuser- prioritizes and handles important things efficiently

Which style can you claim? Personally, I would be the ‘planning lister’ being that I like to put everything on a calendar listing daily activities. In addition, included is the six-week program, The Maintenance Program. The program entails a weekly projected bullet list of things to do, which is actually nothing new in the world of organizing.

This home organization book is focused on instructions for total order in your life, with tips on actual home organizing. I was looking for new and creative ways to re-organize the dining room, bedroom, and bathroom. I chose this book based on the picture and short synopsis, and it does not live up to the challenge in that respect.

The resources list at the end of the book, in my case, would be a little more helpful in looking for the home organization I was seeking. I recommend this book to persons who want to organize their lives more than just a room in their home.

I received this book from Revell Books through the Net Galley Review Program for an honest and unbiased opinion.


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