Until I Found You by Victoria Bylin

Until I Found You pic
Kate Darby works for an ad agency and

has taken a leave of absence to take charge of the Clarion, a newspaper started by her grandparents, when her grandmother Leona suffered a stroke. Kate is leaving the hospital when her car plunges down a hillside. Nick Sheridan, author of California for Real Men (CFRM), takes the same road as Kate and sees where her car landed just off the cliff. He climbs down to help her get out of the car, before it completely plunges to the bottom.

Nick became a Christian six months ago, and made a vow to himself and God. For a year, Nick promised not to date and rush to make any life decisions because he was deeply hurt not too long ago. His newfound faith has changed his way of life from the old party animal he once was, to a more mature and purpose driven person. Meeting Kate is challenging his self-made vow, since he believes she could be ‘the one’, Nick is taking the slow lane to win her heart.

Kate has many situations and decisions to face, including her feelings for Nick. She wants to be in his life, but she will have to accept God in her life first. Kate knew God a long time ago, but is unsure how to believe or trust in Him again. She does not want to accept Him only to be with Nick, but accept Him for herself. Kate writes God a letter asking guidance for her job situation, the healing of her grandmother and her relationship with Nick, but does not know if He will answer.

While recovering Leona, Kate’s grandmother, writes Kate a small memoir of her life, love and the condor bird. The story of the condor is a sub-plot in the novel and important role in the life of Kate’s grandparents.

The characters in Victoria Bylin’s novel are both reaching for answers and guidance to their situations. The story line combines faith and love nicely for Kate and Nick, dealing with their problems. My favorite was the gala scene for Kate’s job and the need to make a decision regarding her life. My least favorite was the constant indecision to make a clear decision on Kate’s part. This is a good Christian romance novel worth reading and adding to any avid reader’s bookshelf.

I received this book free from the Bethany Book Reviewer program for an honest and unbiased review.


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