Active Spirituality: Grace and Effort in the Christian Life by Brian G. Hedges

Active-Spirituality pic
“At its heart, this book is about the

perseverance of the saints.” The presented form of this book is a series of “letters written to someone in the throes of temptation and endurance, agony and ecstasy, victory and defeat…struggling young adult trying to find a church, live a chaste life, and walk with Jesus.” Brian G. Hedges’ book discusses backsliding, apostasy, atonement, and perseverance while walking in faith. For example, in Letter 1: Walking in the Way discusses staying on course with your walk, have faith in your walk with God and a warning that “the most fatal thing is to stop walking.” This advice given to a young adult Christian (Chris) in a depressive state struggling with his walk with Jesus is given as a letter of encouragement, to continue the good fight of faith.

Further, Letter 7: The Danger of Apostasy and Letter 10: The Danger of Backsliding forewarns that backsliding may lead to apostasy and reading the Book of Hebrews will lend a clearer view to those dangers. Researching apostasy (disaffiliation, abandonment or renunciation of a religion by a person), I found that in some countries it is considered a crime with punishment of imprisonment, excommunication from the church, flogging, and in some instances, death. Considering apostasy as a crime dates back as far as the 7th century and is thriving today, believing an apostate has committed a crime against God. The Danger of Backsliding accounts neglecting prayer and worship leading to a dangerous apostate status. Letter 16: The Good Fight of Faith reassures “Chris” that fighting a good fight of faith is not easy and that “Our fallen world isn’t friendly to faith” and “Every time I read my Bible, evil is at my elbow.” Letter 17: Put on the Gospel Armor follows with reinforcement of Bible verse Isaiah 59:17, putting on the whole armor of God to protect you against evil and holding worldly possessions above God’s sovereignty.

In reading Active Spirituality, there is substantial wealth of information for someone drifting away from his or her faith in God. The clever use of a letter format prepares you for an effortless, uncomplicated, and comprehensible reading. Mr. Hedges speaks from a Calvinism viewpoint, yet all Christian denominations can use certain information relayed in his work to provide assistance to another. I recommend the book to any person who is drifting away from faith in God and want a clearly identifiable understanding of how walking in faith with Him will give direction toward the correct path.

I received this book free from the Cross Focus Review program for an honest and unbiased opinion.


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