The Good Life by Trip Lee

The Good Life pic
Everyone wants to live the ‘good life’ complete

with love, nice home, nice car living happily ever after which most have grown up learning this is the ideal American dream to strive toward. Trip Lee discusses living the ‘good life’ in an entirely different manner and approach than the mainstream media enforced visions we observe on a daily basis. Whether we observe these visions on a billboard or view the messages on a television set or study the photographs of super thin models in a fashion magazine or read the ‘top ten’ reasons to want material items, it all conveys a message to want ‘all that glitters’ as a substitute for real happiness.

Trip Lee clarifies living the good life is not found in earthly materialistic possessions but found in God’s Word in the Bible and the directional teachings of Christ Jesus. He further shares not to believe the hype to “walk up to the front and start to receive your blessings” as an effortless avenue to start receiving blessings in an uncomplicated carefree manner. I agree during some church invitations to walk closer with God are purposely engineered to leading a person to believe this is all that must be done to receive blessings when in fact this will be the hardest walk of their entire life. One must understand that living the good life in God’s way is the complete opposite of living the good life in a worldly view, which is additionally compounded with the pressure of peers to fit suitably into the proper social circles.

Trip Lee’s book is full of examples that he once believed was the correct path to the ultimate goal of living the good life until he began his walk with God receiving the knowledge of truth and the proper approach to live the good life through scripture.

I recommend this book to teenagers and young adults wanting an honest view of what being a Christian is and how your walk with God is an everyday battle against evil.

I received this book from Moody Publishers Newsroom in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion though not necessarily positive review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission.


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