Quilts of Love Series: RIVAL HEARTS by Tara Randel

Rivals picAmerican Legend is a new magazine in

need of an editor-in-chief who must compete and win a challenge for the coveted promotional position wanted by editors Molly Henderson (Quilters Heart) and Ben Weaver (Outdoor Adventures) of the same publishing company. Molly and Ben must compete for the position by switching editor positions of each other’s publications and completing the current projects of Quilters Heart by sewing a quilt and Outdoor Adventures by competing in a kayak race with both projects being events for charity.


Molly and Ben begin adjusting to their new projects having no previous experience in the new tasks and give assistance to one another in the beginning processes of the projects. While competing for the ultimate prize, Molly and Ben realize there is more at stake than just the competition rivalry for the editor-in-chief position that neither wants to admit to themselves. Ben has special personal reasons for wanting the job and Molly has the seniority needed to fill the position but the owner of the publishing company cannot decide who is best without the promotional campaign contest. The relationship between them begins flourishing after they work together outside of the competition but a calculated scheme by a person threatens to separate them bringing all to complete regression.


This novel is an uncomplicated and pleasurable read for a weekday afternoon or weekend reading spree in only a few hours. The story plot and characters are very likeable and easy to relate in the different situations and problems throughout this enjoyable book. I recommend reading to those who enjoy novels with personal conflict, competitiveness, and self-growth intertwined in the story line.


I received this book free from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for an unbiased opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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