Darkest Vow by Jeff Newman

Darkest Vow
Private Detective Joseph Riley recounts the

fatefully slow dissent from respected private investigator to a non-respected joke involving a woman who hired him to locate her missing spouse. Alexis Santorum is looking for her husband William who went missing after their return from a honeymoon of a forced wedding ceremony. Alexis discloses information to Riley regarding a ransom threat made in a written note concerning William as the hostage victim by persons unknown to her who donning the signature of “TNFS.”

Riley begins his investigation at the hotel where Alexis met William and previously employed gathering information from the bartender named Fred whom he sets up to meet after the bar closes and discovers that Fred is murdered beforehand on the beach below the same establishment. While the police are investigating, the murder scene Riley receives the details regarding Fred who was undercover detective collecting evidence on William who engaged in illegal activity for a living. The further Riley delves into the missing person case several dead bodies begin to surface with Riley indicated as suspect in one of the murders but recognizes the frame was not on purpose as much as the purpose for the framing. Alexis’ mother-in-law warned Riley to step away from the case, which added adrenaline to Riley’s persistence to continue seeking the whereabouts of William and the reasoning behind the alleged kidnapping, who is the son of a mob boss. The closer Riley comes in connection with crude evidence pointing in the direction of the Santorum family Riley finds the conclusion of a twisted truth almost unbelievable.

This novel communicates in a film noir format with extensive descriptive narrative from the main character of Riley sharing details of his last case involving a missing person. There are mystery, suspense, and drama scenes for readers of crime dramas and who-dun nit literature and will leave the reader wondering who is the real culprit involved in the kidnapping to the very end.

I received this novel free from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.


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