Hard Hats and Doormats by Laura Chapman














Alexis Burke (Lexi) works in the

Human Resources department for Gulf America (GA) and puts her best foot forward with anticipation to snag the position of Assistant Regional Director. When the position is given to Lexi’s co-worker she decides to break company policy against employee dating without disclosure by giving in Jason who is a longtime admirer for the past two years. Lexi and Jason become close too quickly and learn in the process that there are a few workplace romances besides theirs being kept secret from the company. The lovebirds soon have trouble brewing in the nest when a travel assignment for Lexi ends in a fight she kept from Jason that he finds out causing a turning point their relationship.

In addition to the strong opinions Lexi has regarding her employment since the new director’s previous workload is divided among the employees in human resources creating tension on her part between her and her demanding boss, she begins searching for employment outside of her current employer. As a human resource liaison, Lexi handles the worst case of her career for a woman who is blatantly harassed by a co-worker who is suing the company for assault by his victim. The change in attitude towards her position at Gulf America causes Lexi to examine what she truly desires in life and relationships and what her goals are regarding her career.
Laura Chapman expresses in writing a novel that shares a story of women dealing with men in a dominated oil refinery career and a company that has no clue to the meaning of sexual harassment in the workplace. Chapman is thoughtful in the situations presented and gives the reader an easy read and interesting character. I recommend to readers of romance and those who are familiar with workplace drama, which is probably everyone.
I received this book free from CLP Blog Tours in exchange for an unbiased opinion in accordance with the Federal Commission Trade guidelines.

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