Administrative Assistant and Secretary’s Handbook, 5th Edition by James Stroman, Kevin Wilson, and Jennifer Wauson

Admin Asst Secretary Hndbk pic

If you are working in any industry as

an Administrative Assistant or Secretary, you will find this handbook an asset to your office bookshelf covering all facets of organizing and refreshing your memory to the numerous components in daily office operations.

Section Five -Language Usage contains proper grammar, style, and common English usage problems that enhances writing everything from notes to formal letters and includes the differences of words used such as affect and effect. In Section Six-Financial Activities is where bookkeeping and accounting refreshers in Business Math are located and includes fractions, decimals, and percentages.

A very useful and informative part of this handbook is Section Three-Office Productivity Software for Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and One-Note that also includes using Apple Macintosh applications. There are other well-written sections involving email, web conferencing, and mobile computing including iPad, iPhone, and androids aiding in use of office equipment along with laptop and tablet computers. When you have perused the language, financial and software sections, you are ready to master the several mailing services section to dispatch your finished masterpiece to the intended recipient. There are other informative sections in this reference handbook to list but all areas discussed would take at least another full page.

I recommend this excellent reference handbook to all employed in positions that require an administrative assistant’s or secretarial staff responsibility as it is a supplement to any company organization.

I received this book free from AMA Publishers through the O’Reilly Reviewer Program for an unbiased opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.


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