A Horse Named Joe by Lisa Loomis

a-horse-named-joe-234x300 (1)
Roni loses her position as an

investment banker at Lehman Brothers because of the financial chaos that occurred and left the company no longer standing causes Roni to vent her frustrations toward her husband. The downsizing of a luxurious lifestyle and finding fault in herself constantly triggering arguments with nitpicking becomes a regular routine and Roni’s husband suggest she take a vacation to the Bahamas where they honeymooned to find solace relaxing while figuring what other interests she has to focus on.

Being unemployed and trying to find herself all over again, Roni embarks on a journey with new relationships with women she meets on the island, a native Bahamian named Devon and constant contact with friends back home named Jenny and Lacy who will join her on the island for fun, sun and a little devilment amongst the natives.

Do not let the title of this novel fool you by any means because this book is not about a horse named Joe. The connection with the main character did not happen for me with the numerous and repetitive references to “a big Miami subculture of women who come down to play with the big, black boys” is what this book is about using heavy Bahamian dialect causing the revisit of dialogue sequences and pushing my reading speed down to a crawl.

Being a black woman I found the references made as crude and insensitive regarding a culture of people whose dialect is different from others and observed as a playground for white women to mingle with big black men offensive. A Horse Named Joe is not my cup of tea or taste in literature even though there are many who will love its theme and characters.

I received this book free through CLP Blog Tours for an unbiased opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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