Worlds Apart by Ber Carroll

Cousins Laura and Erin have

a close relationship and there to give encouragement to each other, family, and friends as needed. Erin’s mother Moira has Alzheimer disease that causes Erin to have panic attacks when her mother has episodes. Erin has panic attacks when presented with any stressful situation that prompts Laura to convince Erin to take a trip abroad for a year to experience a different atmosphere and calmer surroundings.

Laura takes on the responsibility of Moira while running her household, working, and hiring a babysitter to care for her daughter Olivia who seems not to work out in the long run along with her husband constantly traveling for business.

While Erin is abroad and Laura takes over the care of Moira, Laura learns of different family secrets that Moira has kept for many years but one in particular that affects Laura, Erin, and the family as a whole.

Worlds Apart starts slow but picks up midway in the book revealing more of the interesting storyline to its audience. All families have some sort of secret not shared in the past but brought to the forefront in the present. You will enjoy reading about this family secret that unwittingly is uncovered through a person who has an illness and is recommended to readers of drama and family relationships.

I received this book free through CLP Blog Tours in exchange for an unbiased opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.


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