The Stress Cure by Linda Evans Shepherd

Available Now

Available Now

The Stress Cure, Praying Your Way to

Personal Peace compiles twelve chapters with significant titles that include common everyday struggles to give in prayer. Chapters 2 through 11 reference feelings a person might have and want to overcome such as Overwhelmed, Stuck, Offended, and Distracted offering a way to triumph over your situation. Each section begins with a bible verse quote continuing on to discuss the chapter’s heading ending with a section to express written thoughts from what you have learned thus far through prayer guidance tackling short delays and obstacles placed in your path. The book focuses on praying your way out of tense circumstances that help relieve stress on the mind that can eventually affect the body.

The Stress Cure is a good prayer reference guide and a good source for a study group as well as a gifting opportunity for believers. Ms. Shepherd’s assembling bible quotes, encouraging written thoughts and impressions, what the Lord is revealing to you, and special composed prayers is quite thoughtful and uplifting in its presentation. I recommend to believers who have prayer in their daily routine and for those wanting to add a little more to their daily devotionals.

I received this book free from Revell Publishing for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

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