Dying for a Living by Kory Shrum

Available Now

Available Now

Special Agent Jesse Sullivan aids those

scheduled to die according to government analysts that predict death with a twenty-four hour window with a success rate of 95 percent. Jesse is part of an elite group of individuals able to save a person from passing into the great beyond by dying in their place and themselves coming alive again in a few days or less are known as death replacements.

All is well with the work death replacements do until a problem arises as a conspiracy grows to dispose of these elite agents until they are non-existent. Believing that fake priests are behind the extinction plan until discovering a more sinister movement is in place, prompts Jesse and her friends to step up the investigation into the conspiracy before death has the opportunity to knock on their door.

Dying for a Living is a futuristic tale with action and adventure that leaves the reader with thought provoking questions of the hereafter and what if questions regarding death replacements. I recommend to science fiction, adventure, and futuristic tale book lovers ready for an unexpected story line in living and dying.

I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines

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