The Promise by Beth Wiseman

Available Now

Available Now

Mallory Hammond is determined to

save a life since her cousin died and Mallory wanted to give the kidney needed but per parents fervently opposed her decision. Working in a doctor’s office, her boss Ismail has a cousin who needs a kidney to live and through psychological coaxing, tries to persuade Mallory to travel to Peshawar and marry his cousin’s father Abdul. Marrying Abdul would give his daughter, Majida, a chance to come with an American to the United States receiving proper medical treatment and care to save her life.

Mallory and boyfriend Tate have a good relationship and Tate hopes it will continue in that manner when he informs Mallory of his offer to teach at a prestigious university in Chicago, far from their home state of Texas. Mallory decides on travelling to Peshawar against the advice of Ismail’s fiancé, Soraya, who does not know of Ismail’s influence in Mallory’s decision and without the knowledge of her parents and Tate. Mallory’s sister Vicky contacts Tate about Mallory’s travels hoping he will be able to convince Mallory not to proceed with her plans but Mallory ignores his pleas and boards the plane to the foreign country. Mallory has second thoughts regarding her decision going to Peshawar helping Majida changing her mind believing she has made the right choice. Will Mallory make it back to the United States, or will she become a lost American in Peshawar never to be heard from again?

The Promise is (from the back cover) inspired by actual events asking, how far will we go for love? I am not sure how I feel about this story and the quest for love leading to a dangerous foreign country. I felt that the main character Mallory was too naïve about everything: rebelling against her parents and boyfriend, headstrong regarding advice against travelling to Peshawar, and believing in someone she met over the internet.

Beth Wiseman does not disappoint in this unforgettable story of a young girl’s passionate desire to save a life and at what length she goes to complete that dream. I would love to read the real life story behind this inspired novel from actual events to judge a little better. With that said the novel is an easy read and has the reader wishing this young girl will go with her instincts and return home to her loving family and friends.

I received this book free from the publisher through the Litfuse Publicity reviewer program for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.


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