Unlocking the Mystery by Eden Baylee

Available Now

Available Now

Evelyn Sutton is a real estate agent with no outside life or time to find love while selling a house to Caroline, who passes prompting Evelyn to purchase the home. Evelyn finds a key Caroline left in the closet that opens a box of love letters spanning over fifty years to Caroline’s pen pal Shane who lives in Ireland. She is in awe after reading the love letters finding one unopened letter addressed to Shane that Caroline never mailed and embarks on a journey to Ireland to deliver it to him. Once in Ireland, Evelyn is taken in by the beautiful countryside and its inhabitants discovering a new way of looking at love and the people around her.

This short story of lasting devotion, friendship, and affection through the art of writing love letters is an original story line that is enjoyable and may be finished within an hour or two at the most. The only problem I had with the book was a few choice words used seemed out of place that disconnected from the flow of the story. I recommend Unlocking the Mystery to romance, chick lit, and love story genre readers for a lazy day or weekend reading.

Unlocking the Mystery

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