The Right Design by Isabella Louise Anderson

Available Now

Available Now

Carrie and Roger’s sixth anniversary

starts with a little box that Carrie things is an engagement ring but to her dismay holds diamond earrings. Carrie surprises Roger with the gift of dressing in a negligee and trench coat the he longs for only to be shocked when she arrives at home and finds him in a compromising position with another woman. Carrie breaks up with Roger, resigns from her job, and moves to Florida for a fresh start after her heartbreaking drama in Texas.

In Florida Carrie lands the interior designer position her ex-boss Renee recommended her for and begins a new adventure in life meeting her first client Brad Larson. As Carrie and Brad become good friends, her ex-boyfriend Roger arrives in Florida begging for Carrie’s forgiveness and a second chance at their relationship.

The Right Decision is a chick-lit romance novel every chick-lit romance book lover should read and be able to identify with Carrie’s romance dilemma. This novel for me is a much waited for book with a twist I have long been seeking to read for a long time. I loved the main characters Carrie, Roger, and Brad and the relationships between them and recommend to love-story, romance, and chick-lit book lovers for a fast, easy, and enjoyable read in a few hours time. Thanks and kudos to Isabella Louise Anderson for writing this love story for me as I have waited a long time for a tale like this one to be written.

I received this book free from CLP Blog Tours in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.


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