Purity is Possible by Helen Thorne

Available Now

Available Now

“I’m going to be honest with you

because in what follows, I’m going to be asking you to be honest with yourself. In the past:

– I have created sexual fantasies in my mind.
– I have read women’s erotica.
– I have watched porn on the web.

And I have enjoyed it.” -Helen Thorne

Helen Thorne discusses issues of her own struggles with sexual fantasies, written erotica, and the use of pornography sites that many Christian women face and not strangers to and how these issues can be overcome by avoiding them, asking forgiveness from the Lord, and refreshing your faith by walking with God. The topics in this book are rarely brought to the forefront of any discussion in daily talks with friends, in the church, or with pastors even though the problem is widespread and exists among Christian women more than previously known.

My opinion on the subject is this would be a great topic of discussion in bible study groups for female teens and women to assist in facilitating a support group for those wanting more information to abstain from such activities.

Helen Thorne’s testimony is nicely written in an honest and humble presentation being an easy and fast read that I am recommending for women struggling with the same issues discussed who in addition want to restore their walk in faith.



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