This Is What You Just Put in Your Mouth? by Patrick Di Justo

Available Now

Available Now

“….at a Super Bowl party in the early 2000s. On the

table…in the middle of all the bowls of chips, was an orange-and-blue can of Kraft Easy Cheese. A friend of mine who shall remain a nameless drunk picked up the can, stared at it like it was a totem pole, and asked, “Did you ever, like, really wonder what’s, like, really in this?”

Patrick DiJusto gives insight to everyday products people use or eat every day without contemplating how it was created. This book is comprised of the ingredients that manufacturers use in consumer products by taking each individual ingredient and explains what its normal use. There are plenty of dyes, sugar alcohols, and other chemicals that may react badly mixed with certain medications you ingest.

Did you know that Cool Whip has sorbitan monostearate in its ingredients that Chemists call synthetic wax? When referring to Cool Whip, DiJusto writes, “synthetic wax + fats + sex grease = fake cream.” Well, I kept reading to learn what the actual ingredients were and decided I might skip the Cool Whip on my dessert. Another gem I read, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” with the following caption: Start with fat, add more fat, and another fat, and something that tastes like butter.” All products included have a [BACKSTORY] that explains who DiJusto spoke with regarding the product and their response or non-response. Noxema, Play-Doh, Febreze, Midol, and A.1. Steak Sauce are just a few products examined with many more that may somewhat surprise you.

This Is What You Just Put In Your Mouth? is educational concerning every day product use and what you should look for in the ingredients panel while shopping. I recommend to those who are health conscience in choosing products for personal, family, and business uses.

I received this book free from Three Rivers Press through the Net Galley reviewer program in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

This Is What You Just Put in Your Mouth?: From Eggnog to Beef Jerky, the Surprising Secrets

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