A Heart’s Disguise (Journey of the Heart Series, Book One) by Colleen Coble, Thomas Nelson Publishing

Available Now

Available Now

Sarah Montgomery waits for

Rand Campbell, the man whom she loves dearly to return from the war. When he does not return, she pledges herself to another man named Ben Croftner who holds a secret.

Later, Sarah learns Rand is alive and that Ben knew all along causing the break in their relationship. Rand reveals to Sarah the orders received from the army to post at Fort Laramie in Wyoming and asks her to move with him as husband and wife. Sarah refuses to go because no one will be left to care for her father who is ill, which leaves Rand no choice but to leave Sarah behind.

Sarah lost her true love, got him back and lost him again leaving her with an engraved coin “Rand and Sarah” to cherish as a keepsake for their sweet and bitter goodbye ending.

A Heart’s Disguise is a short story in the beginning of a six-part series entitled “Journey of the Heart” by Colleen Coble, which is set at the end of the Civil War. The beginning of this series is full of suspense as you wait to see what Sarah’s fate will be when her long lost love, Rand, leaves her behind to care for her sick father when his army orders moves him to Fort Laramie, Wyoming.

I enjoyed this short read and waiting for the next installment to arrive to learn what happens to Sarah since Rand left for Fort Laramie. I recommend to historical romance fiction lovers and Civil War buffs for an easy and enjoyable read on a cozy afternoon or evening.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishing through the Litfuse Publicity Group reviewer program in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

A Heart’s Disguise (A Journey of the Heart)

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