For This Child I Prayed by William Gage

For This Child I Prayed by William Gage is a short story inspired by Hannah, mother of Samuel in the first Book of Samuel, Chapter 1. This story is also inspired by the painting ‘Hannah presenting her Son to the High Priest Eli’ which currently hangs in the Lourve.

 Gage brings warmth and heartfelt tenderness to Hannah’s dilemma of being unable to conceive a child for her husband Elkanah. His second wife Peninnah teases and taunts Hannah due to her incapability to have a child.
Hannah learns how to pray and vows to give her child as a sacrifice to the service of the Lord. She is answered but rethinks the vow made to the Lord.
The story is moving and inspired me to re-read the Book of Samuel, Chapter 1 as the verses reminded me having faith will lead you to what the Lord has in store for your life.
I recommend this short story to readers of novellas and persons of faith. I received this complimentary novella from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.



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