The Last Arrow by Erwin Raphael McManus, Waterbrook

“Frankly, over the years, many young men have come and asked me how they have my life, but what quickly becomes clear is that they want the life without the path. They want my life without my wounds; they want my life without my scars. In fact they don’t actually want my  life; they want the rewards.”

The Last Arrow

The title The Last Arrow is based on 2 Kings 12:14-20 of the Hebrew scriptures. McManus refers to life and using all the arrows in your quiver. He believes that using all your arrows leaves nothing for the next life is how life should be lived.


McManus references several scriptures throughout his book as well as movies films he’s seen along with other books he’s written and books by other authors. In his book, McManus shares inspiration to live life to the fullest with stories of his own personal experiences as well as others.

I enjoyed reading about his outlook on living life as he heels the way God would want you to live by saving nothing for the next life. For this reason, I recommend to persons seeking spiritual inspiration.

I received this book from Blogging for Books reviewer’s program in exchange for an honest review in accordance with Federal Trade Regulations guidelines.


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